It’s ‘Aesthetic’ not ‘Assthetic’, Instagram

Too often have I scrolled through my Instagram and seen picture of beautiful women, in beautiful (barely there) clothes, on beautiful beaches and rooftops and thought to myself ‘honestly, why this over something else’.

I get it, of course, Sex Sells, but does it build you a long lasting, clearly identifiable brand?

Social Media, particularly Instagram presents brands with the opportunity to create and define themselves through the handy three column grid (which is permanently burned into my retinas).

The reason for this layout isn’t just functional, it’s aesthetical.

You are essentially presented with the ultimate opportunity to collate and curate the perfect mood board that sums up everything your brand is about, without the excessive trimmings of Pinterest or Tumblr. It’s right there, all in one symmetrical, clean grid for everyone to see.

So why do brands and businesses so often default to the use of bikini clad girls, hunky dudes in tight v necks, perfect skinned beauties and clearly fake tanned talent as the content to populate it?

Well, it’s a phenomenon I hereby dub as ‘Assthetic’, which involves the:“Use of sexualised talent for the means of increasing sales and brand awareness on social media with the hope of producing either desire, envy or shock from the audience”

It is no secret that evoking emotion from your clients, customers and consumers is the key to making something STICK! However, desire, envy and shock evoked from ‘assthetic’ content is temporary, particularly now that so many brands and businesses are using it.

The real way to make content stick is to focus on aesthetic! You should be thinking about what makes your brand unique and sets you apart and using this as a jumping off point combined with your existing brand guidelines in terms of text, colour and themes.

Think about things like distribution of content, colours and backdrops, filter themes, product vs people, lighting, inspirational content v insightful content and so much more. The world quite literally is your oyster!

Once you start to consider how each piece of content that you post contributes to the wider brand you are establishing on your account, the content starts to feel curated and connected which in turn brings meaning and evokes emotion from those who are brand loyal (because let’s be real, those are the only people following you).

So instead of investing all of you $$ into paying for influencers, think about investing in a high quality video that showcases your product/service or putting some money back in to your staff and encouraging them to become ambassadors for your brand with head shots and profiles.

Either way, social media and brand building should be about Aesthetic not Assthetic, because building long lasting relationships with customers is the numero uno name of the game!

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