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Branded Search x PMAX?

Here is why you should exclude branded keywords from pMax AND why nobody talks about it!

You’re *probably* overpaying on branded search clicks in Performance Max campaigns BUTTT you can never know for sure because you have no CPC data per search term... annoying

But …. Just think about it: Performance Max is fully automated with Google determining every single bid.

With non-branded search, you often see clicks that get 10-50X the average CPC so why would Google not overbid on your branded search terms?

Remember it all comes down to your budget, if you’re a big brand looking for maximum coverage online then sure go crazy bidding on your search terms and keep your competitors at bay ….

BUT if you’re a SME and don’t want to be spending big on branded search, after all if people are searching for you and your SEO is good enough they’re going to find you anyway, then this is just for you!

Google has just announced the release (date to come) of the branded keyword exclusion at the campaign level for PMAX!

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