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What's the deal with be real?

If you have not yet heard about BeReal, it's the new “anti-Instagram” which sends out a notification that gives you two minutes to take a pic and show your friends what the go is at that moment.

It all sounds well and good ... but when it strikes, I think .... 'be real?'. Like many, a Gen Z girlie whose troubled by hyperbole and overreaction, being real is not something I tend to actively part-take in.

More than that ... the feed is just SO DAMN UGLY!!! Unless you're in Europe your daily mundane life is not very pleasing to my eyeballs who are conditioned to Pinterest boards curated by season.

​​I mean there are only so many pub schnitty, tv shots and shite-looking spreadsheets I can see right?!? ​And don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that my authenticity ick makes me a sicko but babes, it's the algorithm!!

But then disaster struck ..... I got the spicy cough a mere week into my be real journey.

​3 weeks in bed barely able to drink my tea and unable to ignore the daily test of my resolve via notifications from the app humbled me. And so I carried on 'be realing' or 'being real' with a new unimproved and unaesthetic approach.

And .... I think that's just the point. Is it all so pleasantly boring that I feel liberated? I think yes, and while I am long off singing the Marseilles to authenticity, there is something wonderfully freeing about it all!

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