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2020 in Review - Pinot and Picasso Wollongong

The Pinot & Picasso brand has grown exponentially throughout 2020, opening 50 studios in just 24 months! We couldn’t be prouder of the Pinot & Picasso team and how far they have come in such a short time.

Wollongong is one of the first studios to have opened within the P&P team and is a great example of what a strong organic social media presence can do for not only your following, but for your paid marketing efforts. Our digital ecosystem is made up of many different pillars from the website, to our socials, to our paid media, when one pillar is weak it creates a structural issue.

Through Wollongong's strong social media presence that always lands on brand, from engaging stories to beautiful news feed, Wollongong has created a real sense of community from their studio.

When this strong digital ecosystem is created it allows the paid marketing to shine through and gain even more traction within the Facebook and Instagram world.

When all our digital pillars are strong we can create a knock out paid campaign, and that's what we love to see!

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