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API Conversions - Everything you need to know!

So what exactly is an API conversion? Essentially it is a Facebook Business Tool that works with your Facebook pixel and allows you to share offline and web events directly to the server that Facebook works off. This helps your pixel improve its performance and measurement - big win!

But how? Well, API’s are great for measuring your customer's actions beyond the scope of your average tracking events, as they allow you to have further visibility into your customer's journey by improving the accuracy of the information that is sent back to Facebook for targeting.

So pixel or API? Well, the answer is simple, both.

While your Facebook pixel allows you to track consumers who opt-in for tracking or are on web browsers that allow for this, your API conversion works beyond this, which means your ability to send data is not jeopardised by cookies or opt-outs.

In a nutshell, APIs allow your website to send data back to Facebook for better targeting and learning, PLUS will be picking up any conversions that your Facebook pixel missed (thanks to iOS 14).

Still unsure? Get in touch today!

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