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Be productive - Tips on how to get the most out of your work day

Feeling the day get away from you and you’re wondering where the time went! ⏳

With only two out of the THOUSANDS things you needed to get done for the day checked off your list. You are questioning many things, but mostly the concept of time. When you add in the reality of WFH, we have pretty much become experts at adapting to changing working environments. 🏡

You are going to not like this one...but start your most trying and hardest tasks at the start of your work day (yes we mean it). Using the first few hours to tackle the biggest things on your list will set you up with the perfect momentum to smash all your goals for the day!

Making lists and ticking them off once completely is perfect for your goal orientated guys and wouldn’t catch us dead without our notebooks. ☑️

Although we love to think that we can, multitasking is actually not the most effective way to get stuff done (surely we weren’t the first to tell you this). Making sure that we focus on one thing at a time creates a better productive mindset, and allows you to use all that beautiful brain power on one task for optimal results.

The last little tip may sound counter intuitive, but taking well deserved short breaks, whether that be out for a quick 5 minute walk in fresh air or 5 minutes of screen time for our social obsessed worker bees. This time will allow you to have higher concentration levels when you're getting down to your tasks and boost your mood, because when has sun and fresh air ever steered you wrong! ☀️

Wherever you are working, whether that be desk or poolside, these tips will make a more productive you! 🙌

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