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Brand Identity: Finding it & Keeping it

IDENTITY – Finding brand identity is one of the hardest things for us as marketers to do in an ever expanding online environment where the risk of being ‘lost’ in the white noise is so high!

So here are my top tips to cut through the huge sea that is the internet and establish a brand that has soul, passion and traction:

1. HUMANISE – It’s long been known that people don’t buy product, they buy stories! Having a human element to your brand is so important when establishing an identity as it allows you a higher level of cut through and relatability to your consumers. However, there is nothing worse than a brand instagram looking like someone’s personal account, so find your product:personal balance and stick to it!

2. IMPACT – It all comes down to visuals in today’s digital world so having quality content is essential! Don’t skimp on quality photographers or videographers, because having content that creates impact beyond the 2 dimensional is crucial for successful brand identity.

3. MEAN IT – You can’t simply preach and not practice! Make sure your brand identity is reflective of your values and beliefs. There’s nothing worse than a faux!

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