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Court’s top Isolation Finds

Hey Guys! Court here, taking over W&W today to give you my top recommendations and binges to get you through isolation 🤎

Podcast: @shamelesspodcast Dropping twice-weekly episodes, Shameless gives you the perfect dose of pop culture and celebrity news to get you through your working week. Whether you’re cleaning the house or going for a walk, this podcast is the ideal escape from Coronavirus news we are being bombarded with daily.

Instagram: @jessica_nguyen Between spending more time at home, and your favorite restaurants being closed, there’s never been a better time to learn some new cooking skills. Jessica Nguyen teaches you step by step how to create your favorite meals like dumplings, gnocchi and shakshuka, so you’ll be blowing your family away with your fancy new cooking skills in no time!

Book: Sarah Knight’s ‘calm the f**k down’ There is no more important time than now to practice some meditation and learn to calm the hell down! ‘Calm the f**k down’ is the perfect mix of humor and self help to teach you to take control of what you can, and accept what you can’t.

TV show: Unorthodox This four-part Netflix series is your perfect iso binge. Taking you into the life of a young Jewish girl growing up in New York, the show follows Esty as she leaves her arranged marriage and controlling community and tries to make a new life for herself in Germany. Mmhm an Orthodox Jew … IN GERMANY! The show is the most gripping, liberating and heartwarming watch- do yourself a favour and watch it asap!

Youtube channel: @madfit.ig With gyms closed and workout equipment sold out everywhere, it’s more difficult than ever to stay fit and motivated during this time. Madfit uploads daily real time workout videos between 3 and 30 minutes which require no equipment at all. There’s now no excuse to not squeeze a workout in everyday, especially with her ’10 min roll out of bed workout’ that you can do in your pjs! ⠀⠀ Enjoy, and tag us if your stories if you get set into any of these this weekend! XX – Court

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