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“Don’t work too hard Darling”

REAL TALK – One thing I get told all the time (mainly from extended family I see twice a year) is ‘don’t work too hard darling!’ It has to be my hands down #1 pet peeve!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve suffered first hand from burn out (and my appendix exploded to assure me of the fact) but just because one works hard doesn’t mean they’re automatically in need of Meredith Grey’s urgent medical attention! 🏥🏥

It’s all about balance, and at this crazy time of year, here are my top tips to keep all your ducks (and sanity) in a row:

1. FIND YOUR VICE – We all have 1 thing that makes us feel ‘ourselves’, for me it’s reading. I flat out refuse to give this up, even if it’s only for 5 minutes, it is MY 5 minutes! 📖

2. ROUTINE – With crazy schedules it’s easy to get thrown off/run down, but try your best if you can to start and/or end your day the same way – even if it’s only your skincare routine. 🙌🏽

3. EAT – This one may sound obvious, but I have had to schedule ‘EAT’ blocks in my diary for years because otherwise I’ll forget! Taking care of your body is the key for your mind to fire properly. 🍇

So please reassure your family members you’re just fine, have been eating plenty, and aren’t looking pale from exhaustion, it’s just your winter foundation.

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