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Love me or hate me - The power of influencers

Yes love it or hate it, influencers (or as Abbie Chatfield lovingly puts it, ‘influenzas’), are here to stay in 2021.

Digital marketing trends may rise and fall but rest assured the power of the influencer is not going to dwindle anytime soon. Influencers have the ability to make and sometimes break a brand, either creating rapid purchases, or a dead in the water effect from a bad review that is a live story for their over 10k followers...that is a crisis communication nightmare.

Creating strong and lasting relationships with influencers can help put your brand on the map either in a local or global sense. Take social media's Georgie Stevenson for example, who has taken her personal brand to the next level creating a platform to share not only her own brands, but promoting brands she aligns with, and sharing this with over 300k followers from around the globe.

A few tips for getting into cahoots with influencers…

  1. Make sure they align with your brand, having someone that doesn’t really align with what you are all about is not only confusing for your followers, not to mention theirs, more often than not they will not accept an offer that does not fit their message.

  2. Creating a strong bond, built on respect for each other and what you are both trying to do.

  3. Make sure the product/experience you are giving to them is perfectly curated, big yikes if the product isn't packaged nicely when it arrives, or the experience is aligned with bad customer service, we don’t need to tell you why this is essential.

  4. Be clear about the offering or the deal that you have organised with them, this is a kind of partnership, be clear and communicate effectively about what you can offer and what they can do in return.

Social media is a network, so get networking! Help grow your business with the help of a few Instagram friends, and watch your network (and your business) grow.

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