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Share Culture is BACK

One of the biggest comeback stories of 2019 has to be the (re)rise of SHARE CULTURE! That’s right …. social blogging is back baby, and I don’t just mean in the tumblr, Pinterest, MySpace kind of way! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

I personally think sharing other creators content (or covers WITH other amazing creators like these above) celebrates the incredible creative talent out there, acting as a way to support one another in the online space, however there is protocol to ensure you uphold ethical share culture when doing so!

1. CREDIT: Always credit the artist/creator of the content that you are sharing! Claiming someone else’s original content as your own defeats the purpose and creates negative share culture. It’s up to you if you tag them, mention them in the comment, or both, but credit is key! 💁🏽

2. COMMENT: We tend to use other content to amplify our own messages, which is totally, 110% fine (as long as you CREDIT) but sometimes simply highlighting someone or something that we love is super powerful! Your followers care what you care about, so why not have that simple fact be the point of your post! 💕

3. COMMUNITY: The point of sharing someone else’s content is to inspire a sense of community and connection, because at the end of the day, we’re all here to lift each other up! 😎

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