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The dreaded ‘C’ word

As a media buyer, this time of year causes me to break out in hives because every retail/ecomm brand, from every crevice of the earth comes out to play, making the facebook marketplace a war zone for quality inventory and audiences.

So, here are my top tips to avoid getting hung, drawn and quartered in media this Christmas Season! 🎄🎄🎄

⠀ 1. EXPAND YOUR PLACEMENTS: Inventory doesn’t have to be premium to be quality! A lot of brands will go heavy on the newsfeeds and instagram stories this Christmas season, and while of course they hold the density of social engagement, there are so many consumers engaging on different placements at different times of day! Dip into the audience network or instant articles to offset costs while still maintaining your tight target audience!🤳🏽

2. CLEAR POS: In today’s day and age, point of sale is everything! With the ‘necessity’ of Christmas as a pressure on consumers, the hunt for price comparison is real and with the huge increase in media exposure in this time it can be too hard to find! So bring the POS to the people with clear creative and messaging. It also gives you an added level of transparency and shows you respect your consumers time by showing them what they want to see upfront! 👀

3. FOCUS YOUR DEMO: Dig deep into the data my young padawan, and filter your past 4 months of activity down by age and gender. This will give you a really clear indicator of the sweet spot you want to hit, because there is no point paying for a low converting demographic group which other businesses are bidding on and therefore making it more expensive! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Take these tips and go and crush the December angst, and if it all sounds too hard, then you know where to find us! X – A

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