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Tips for great instagram story content & engagement.

Taking your social media skills to the next level can sometimes be an uphill battle. You finally get your boomerang game under control and in perfect sync, when a new feature comes out to test your will power! Social media is ever changing, which creates new opportunities to show what your brand is all about (and that is something we can all get behind)!

Here are some quick tips to help you create engaging and creative content for your businesses social stories.


Through stories we are able to engage with our audience through interactive features available on Instagram. Creating polls, quizzes, and questions allows you to connect with your audience in a more personal way, creating a conversation that centres around the questions that your audience wants to ask you. Polls allow your community to express their likes and dislikes, in regards to content, experiences, or products, creating a perfect platform for your brand to adapt and change to create content that really speaks to your followers.


For content that will disappear in 24 hours, creating images that show a behind-the-scenes or ‘unfiltered’ version of your business (make sure that content is still fire though) is a perfect way for your audience to see what it is like to be a significant part of your brand experience. Showing authentic moments from your day-to-day hustle, to tutorials on how to use your product, can allow your audience to immerse themselves in your brand, and create a pretty ironclad loyalty and love for your business.


With the features ever changing, you have to keep up! Staying up to date with the changing landscape of what the engaging feature is of the month or week...keeps you RELEVANT. Don’t be afraid to jump in there and start messing around with what you can do to create engagement with your followers, if you want to rule the socials then you have to go play with the best of them!

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