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W&W Wisdom: Feb Finds

Being experts in all things ‘media’ tends to mean that over the course of a month we consume a whole damn lot of it!

So, I thought, instead of keeping all the incredible, juicy and delicious tid bits of wisdom we collate to ourselves, we would share them all with you with the hope of expanding your content horizons!

So here are our Fave Feb Finds for you to listen, watch, read and attend:

1. AFTER WORK DRINKS: For all things pop culture/politics.

2. HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN 100 OBJECTS: For that tid bit of historical knowledge.

1. EMMA: For the Jane Austen and Literary Lovers.

2. GOOP LAB: For anyone looking to be entertained at all. Period.

1. THAT WILL NEVER WORK: For the entrepreneurs.

2. MISS AUSTEN: For that warm and cosy feeling.

1. THE CONSCIOUS SPACE: March 28th – 29th


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