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Why we rebranded: W&W

When I started Wren & Windsor, I was barely 20 years old and very VERY sick (I don’t recommend ignoring stomach pain and letting your appendix almost explode) and was really forced to build the W&W brand, website and presence in all of 1 week.

However, being a marketer means I spend my days building brands for my clients. But being a business owner, and a new one at that, I have learnt that there is a definitive difference between building a brand and building a business.

My priorities with my gorgeous new born baby was of course in building and strengthening the business. Processes, contracts, acquisition plans and just getting through the day to day workload!

So, over the Christmas break, with a fully established and thriving business, I started to think about what I stand for, who we are and what I want W&W to evolve into. And my answer to all these questions was the same:

We’re passionate, premium and personal!

For me, stripping everything back to this and simplifying ho we represented ourselves was everything! So with the help of the amazing team at Simple Media, we developed a beautifully grown and sophisticated brand identity to match my own growing journey as a business owner.

I can’t wait to see everything that we can bring to life with the gorgeous W&W2.0 XX – A

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